About us

A deeper insight, behind the scenes

Carr was founded out of frustration with the constant barrage of new regulations concerning car usage. This led us to unite and devise a user-friendly solution, consolidating all your vehicle needs into one convenient app, simplifying life for motorists.

Our team conceptualised a banking app tailored for vehicles, empowering drivers to oversee their vehicle and requirements. Whether ensuring you’re on the road legally, navigating payment for restricted zones, or conducting a vehicle history check for potential purchases, drivers remain in control.

Carr keeps all drivers informed and up-to-date, preempting potential inconveniences. Experience ease and flexibility in managing your automotive needs with us.

Our goals

At Carr, our aim is to constantly evolve and enhance our services, revolutionising the way drivers manage their vehicles. We are dedicated to introducing a diverse array of new features and partnerships with more companies in the automotive industry, all with the singular goal of crafting the ultimate app solution for you.

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